Make the planet notice.

If you want to make the planet notice, follow the economics. It’s what:

  • got lead out of gasoline in the 80s,
  • sharply reduced acid rain in the 90s,
  • cut plastic bags in Ireland by 90% in the 00s, and
  • is beginning to cut carbon emissions in the EU.

Misguided economics is what has led to the head-on collision of markets, people, and the planet we now experience. Fortunately, there are lessons even from the latest financial crisis we can take to make a difference. We have no time to lose. If you thought “too big to fail” was huge, think again. Global warming by now is literally slowing the earth’s rotation. You can bail out AIG, Greece, or even the United States. You can’t bail out the planet. Let’s make the planet notice:

  • Learn about policy solutions,
  • Write your Representative,
  • Read the New York Times op-ed, and
  • Buy this book to get the full, quick snapshot of what we need do to make the planet notice.