Foreign Policy on “10 problems Obama could solve right now.” Mine: global warming.

posted on January 2nd 2013 | 0 comments

When Foreign Policy magazine went looking for 10 problems President Obama “could solve right now,” they put global warming on the list. Mind you, “President Obama isn’t going to halt the rise of the oceans in his second term.” And it’ll be tough to do what’s necessary, but there are a few things the President can do all without Congressional approval.

The president can start by setting an example in his own house, quite literally. Based on Executive Order 13514, signed in October 2009, Obama established a 28 percent emissions-reduction goal for the federal government by 2020. While working toward this goal, the administration should take the opportunity to implement a tried-and-true market approach: Follow the lead of some big corporations like Microsoft and make each part of the government financially accountable for its greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon dioxide — at least the roughly $20 per ton established by the federal government’s own interagency working group as the single best value. That would allow the government to meet its overall target the most cost-effective way possible.

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