But will the planet notice this book?

posted on October 5th 2011 | 0 comments

This book is about getting noticed. Not the book itself, necessarily, although that would be nice, too.

It’s about the frustration many of us environmentalists feel that our actions don’t make a difference. No more “10 things you can do to save the planet” lists. No more changing light bulbs and refusing plastic bags—at least not by itself.

It’s about doing stuff that the planet actually notices.

These are almost the exact words I used to introduce this daily blog over three months ago. It’s also an apt description of my book out today.

Solving some of the most intractable problems the planet has ever faced clearly requires a strategy of all-of-the-above: We need teachers, parents, sociologists, engineers, climate scientists, preachers, and many others to do their part.

But we can’t lose sight of the larger goal: re-channeling woefully misguided market forces to steer our economies away from their current head-on collision course with the planet.

Enter economists.

Bill McKibben says this book is “an awfully good place to start.”

Martin Wolf calls it “lucid and enjoyable.”

Matt Kahn asks: “Who knew that an economist not named Krugman could write so well?”

Rob Stavins says that he’s been waiting for a book like this “for more than thirty years.”

The Daily Green describes it as: “Lessons in economics and global environmental problems, from a guy you’d actually talk to at a party.” And I had never even met the guy, at a party or otherwise.

Read my New York Times op-ed.

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